At Pinewood, we believe real relationships happen in the context of community. In other words, we are all about Monday-Saturday! Crews are groups of 8-14 people who meet at local coffee shops & restaurants all around Boulder.

The purpose of Crews is to learn more about each other through intentional conversation and then have an open dialogue about a passage of Scripture. Everyone is welcome in a Crew and we believe it will be the highlight of your week! All groups are coed & are welcome to any age. We encourage you to try out several Crews to find the best fit for you! 

Crews happen every other week! 


December 3rd (Last Crew Week of the Season)



Parker & Jess Manuel

Whole Foods 6pm
*Childcare available*


Jake Still & Raven Anderson

Cafe Mexicali 6pm


Connor & Caitie Davidge

East Snarfs Boulder 6pm


Tony Sylva & Allen Coe

Cafe Mexicali 630pm


Jullian & Sam Calderon

Fresh Thymes 630pm



Let us know below if you need more information or have any questions! As always, follow our social media channels to stay in the loop.:3

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